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  • Bình pha cà phê bằng thủy tinh Chemex CM-1C Glass 3 Cups Classic

  • CHEMEX® delivers the purest flavor experience

    • Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
    • CHEMEX pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
    • Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design

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    Phễu lọc/ Pour-over, Bình Chemex

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Bình pha cà phê bằng thủy tinh Chemex 3 Cups Classic – Chemex 3-cup coffee maker

  • Brewing on the Chemex is simple: open the filters so that the three sided section of the filter is facing the spout, add ground coffee, and pour your desired volume of hot water over the coffee.
  • This hourglass shaped flask is made entirely of glass, a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors or chemical residues.
  • Capacity: 3 cup (1 pint/16ozs.)
  • Two models: Glass Handle or Wood Collar with leather tie. (select from options above)
  • Has no moving parts and will work forever, unless it is dropped or in some other way destroyed.

-Capacity: 1 Pint
-Height: 8 1/4″
-Diameter: 3″
-Item: CM-1C

Includes a polished wood collar with leather tie.

The Three Cup Classic Series used together with the scientifically designed, patented CHEMEX® Bonded Filters, will guarantee that our pour over brewing process will deliver the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediments or bitter elements.

CHEMEX® delivers the purest flavor experience

  • Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
  • CHEMEX pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
  • Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design

Use CHEMEX® Unfolded Half Moon Filters FP-2

Chemex paper filter: Click here

Glassblowing Chemex Coffeemakers from Chemex on Vimeo.


How to use



Bình pha cà phê bằng thủy tinh Chemex 3 Cups Classic

Hướng dẫn pha chế Bình thủy tinh Chemex để có tách cà phê ngon nhất:

Bạn có thể thích hết tất cả mọi thứ xung quanh, hương vị tròn đầy để thưởng thức và bạn đang sở hữu dụng cụ pha chế đặc biệt. Bình pha cà phê thủy tinh Chemex không chỉ mang đến hương vị đầy đặn, điều này không chỉ là  hương vị riêng và cuốn hút đến từng giọt cuối cùng.

Có nhiều cách và phương pháp pha:

Đây là cách pha của Coffee.cup.guru tại Australia với tỷ lê: 16.3g và 250ml nước.

Bước 1: Xay cà phê 

Bước 2: Cho giấy đúng size vào. 


Bước 3:  Ráng sạch giấy bằng nước sôi

Bước 4: Nước thấy đều bề mặt giấy theo hình xoắn ốc. trừ trong ra ngoài, từ ngoài vào trong.

Bước 5: Đổ nước thừa ra ngoài .


Bước 6: Cho cà phê vào và bắt đầu rót nước : Nhiệt độ nước: 93 độ C và lượng nước ban đầu 33ml

Bước 7: Chờ 30 giây cho nước thấm đều bề mặt cà phê và thời gian này, cà phê nở ra

Bước 8: Tiếp tục cho 218ml nước vào.

Bước 9: Lấy bã cà phê và giấy lọc ra ngoài.

Lắc đều để hoài quyện cà phê vào nhau.

Bước 10: Rót ra ly và thưởng thức.


How to Brew the best cup you have every time you have it

Like all good things, full flavor takes time — and your own special touch. The CHEMEX®Coffeemaker delivers only the elements essential to rich coffee flavor, so that your personal taste and approach shine through.


Step 1: Get into the grind

Select your favorite whole bean coffee you want to enjoy and grind it to medium coarse ground.

Optional Tip: We suggest using a burr grinder because it delivers a more consistent particle size, allowing for a more even extraction and fuller bodied cup of coffee.

Step 2: Filter up

Open aCHEMEX® Unfolded Half Moon Filters FP-2  into a cone shape so that one side of the cone has three layers, and place it into the top of the CHEMEX® brewer. The thick (three-layer) portion should cover the pouring spout.

Optional Tip: Dampen the filter with warm water to rinse and preheat the brewer. Once the water has drained through the filter completely, pour it out of the brewer while keeping the filter sealed against the coffeemaker wall.

Step 3: The scoop

Put one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for every 5 oz. cup into the filter cone. Feel free to use more if you prefer it stronger; our CHEMEX® brewing process eliminates bitterness.

Tip: On all brewers except the pint size model, the “button” indicates the carafe is half filled and the bottom of the wooden collar/spout indicates it’s full. On the pint size brewer, the button is the full marker.

Step 4: Let it bloom

Once you have brought the appropriate amount of water to a boil, remove it from the heat and allow it to stop boiling vigorously.
Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds to wet them, and wait for about 30 seconds for them to “bloom”, releasing the most desirable coffee elements from the grounds.

Optional Tip: Perfect brewing temperature is about 200°F.

Step 5: First pour

After the grounds bloom, slowly pour the brewing water over the grounds while keeping the water level well below the top of the CHEMEX® (quarter inch or more).

Step 6: Brew on

Slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds, using a circular or back-and-forth motion as you pour to ensure an even soaking of the grounds.

Step 7: Toss the filter

Once the desired amount of coffee is brewed, lift the filter with spent grounds out of the brewer and discard.

Step 8: Enjoy the perfect cup

Pour your freshly made coffee into your CHEMEX® mug and indulge in the flavor.

Stay warm

In order to keep your coffee warm you may place the CHEMEX® directly on either a glass stove top or gas flame both at low heat. If you have an electric coil stove top, you must utilize the CHEMEX® stainless steel wire grid (TKG) in between the CHEMEX® and the coils to prevent breakage. Be sure that there is a small amount of liquid in the carafe before placing it on a warm heating element.

Keep it clean

A carefully cleaned and handled CHEMEX® brewer will give you a lifetime of service. Remove the wooden handle and continue to hand wash with warm soap and water, or place the coffeemaker securely in the dishwasher.


A Perfect Pairing

The blending of art and science doesn’t end with the CHEMEX® coffeemaker. Our CHEMEX®2-Quart Water Kettle achieves the perfect brewing temperature with functional elegance. Made from heavy-walled heat-resistant glass, our flat-bottomed kettle will ensure a delightful boiling and brewing process. The unique silicone stopper keeps the brewed water at peak temperature while venting steam, so the neck stays cool to the touch for safe handling.

Warning: Do not place the CHEMEX® Water Kettle directly on an electric coil stove top. For use with an electric coil stove top we recommend using our CHEMEX® stainless steel wire grid (TKG) between the kettle and the coils to prevent breakage and personal harm.

Kích thước (LxWxH) 15 × 15 × 25 cm

Khối lượng thùng 1 kg


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