Bình pha cà phê kiểu Pháp BODUM CHAMBORD Chrome French Press 11171-16 500 ml

This classic BODUM French press coffee maker combines flair, style and sophistication while bringing the full, fresh flavor of cafe culture into the comfort of your own home! Holds 17 oz of delicious coffee – makes a great gift idea.

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Bình ép cà phê kiểu Pháp BODUM Chrome French Press 500 ml (CHAMBORD)

As far as coffee making is concerned, manual preparation is more popular than ever. With our coffee makers, the coffee beans develop their fullest aroma. Thus, it is no surprise that manual coffee preparation is the favorite method of all coffee lovers. The simplest way to get a good cup of coffee: coarsely ground coffee, hot water, let stand for 4 minutes and push the plunger down. The latest generation of the CHAMBORD has a hinge mechanism in the lid which keeps the coffee maker tight if it should fall over.

Product Information :

Brand: Bodum

Design: Chambord

Model: 11171-16

Color: Chrome.

Capacity: 500ml for 4 cups

Size :17.0 x  19.5  x 10.6cm

Material: Chrome plated steel, chrome plated stainless steel, borosilicate glass, plastic, silicone

Made in Portugal

How to use  Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

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