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Máy Rang Cà Phê Gene Café CBR-101 - 220V - Màu Đen

  • Rang tự động
  • Kiểu trộn: Công nghệ xoắn
  • Tốc độ rang: 12 -15 phút/mẻ
  • Sức chứa khoảng: 250g
  • Thương hiệu: Genne Café
  • Sản xuất tại: Hàn Quốc
Xuất Xứ / Origin Korea
Phân Loại / Type Máy rang mẫu/ gia đình
Price: ₫12,160,000 ₫12,800,000
In stock

 GENECAFE Coffee Roaster sample CBR-101/ BLACK - 220

MÁY RANG CÀ PHÊ GENECAFE Coffee Roaster sample CBR-101 BLACK - 220V
Gene Cafe CBR-101 Features
Vortex twisting mixing Fully automatic roasting & cooling Both time and temperature can be controlled Heats with indirect air from 1 to 23 minutes Heat range 374-482 F degrees/190-250 C degrees Cools with ambient temperature forced air approx. 10 minutes User can activate cooling cycle at any time Capacity: 250g per roast (8.8 ounces) Net Weight : 12.13 Lbs Roast cycle: about 15 minutes for Full City roast plus cooling Temperature controlled by electronic thermostat Roast progress can be seen through glass roasting chamber Heat element: 1200 - 1400 Watts Quiet operation. Noise level: 65dB Overheat protection
Height: 10" Width: 15" Depth: 9" Weight: 12.1 pounds
The Gene Cafe has a half pound batch capacity and uses a unique off-axis rotation with a hot air heat source. The roast is easy to observe due to the glass roast chamber, and the controls make it easy to modify the time or temperature throughout the roast. It features an oversized chaff collector that can deal with the most chaff-heavy coffees and it can be connected to dryer duct tubing to vent the smoke out a window. The roaster is extremely quiet compared to air machines, and even compared to other drum roasters.
Control Panel
TEMP - Sets the target roasting temperature by rotating the knob. Pressing the knob activates roasting. At the end of the roasting cycle the Gene Cafe will automatically go into cooling mode. However, you can terminate roasting and enter the cooling cycle by pressing this button again. Also, during the roasting cycle you can rotate this knob to increase or decrease the target temperature. TIME - Press once to turn the machine on. It will go through about a 10 second startup procedure. Adjust the roasting time as you see fit - 15 minutes is the default time which is quite right for Full City roasts of many coffees when paired with the default target temperature of 482 degrees. During roasting the dial can be rotated to increase or decrease the roasting time. Temperature Digital Display alternates between target and actual temperatures in whole degrees. Time display alternates between total time and countdown remaining time, in tenths of a minute.
Preparations before roasting
1. Open the safety cover, press open button with the chamber handle held and lift it up to separate it from the body.
2. Place the chamber on the chamber stand gently and open the cover
The chamber is inclined so it may fall over, damaging the chamber unless it is not held on the stand. Carefully handle the separator because you may be cut by the sharp edges.
3. Insert raw coffee beans as much as you wish to roast into the chamber using measuring cup. A cup of amount measures 100g(3.5oz). To measure the amount of raw coffee bean, check the max. scale on a measuring cup or chamber
Roasting it more than 300g(11oz) that is the maximum amount may cause uneven roasting or a fire, probably damaging the product. Make sure to keep the max roasting amount recommended. Also, roasting raw coffee beans with impurities may cause a fire, so it is necessary to filter any impurities.
4. Close the chamber's cover, align the cover on the groove with it faced the left as shown in the figure and push it down until it sounds tick. Then, check whether attachment sill is tightly held by slightly lifting it up.
When assembling the chamber and the body, make sure that the cover faces the left. Gene Cafe may not work or cause an accident unless the cover is completely closed or the chamber is held thoroughly
5. For safety purpose, close the safety cover and attach chaff collector onto it
Since it is so dangerous to touch a rotating chamber or insert any impurities in it during operation. Remember that Gene Cafe should be operated with the safety cover closed Since it may be also dangerous to operate it without the chamber, make sure to insert the chamber into the body During operation(roasting), the body and surroundings are very hot, dangerously resulting in a burn. For this, it is recommended that children or the elderly are controlled to access it and that an operator should be present throughout the operation. Before operation, chaff collector should be prepared. Use the only collector specified by the manufacturer. Using other alternatives such as dishes or wired ones instead of the collector may cause a fire.
Power supply and timer setting
1. Check the rated voltage at the name plate of bottom side and connect it to the power.
2. Press TIME(POWER ON) knob to turn it on. - Display shows the temperature and time. - During the first 2 sec,no operations are possible. - The chamber executes idle operation(once).
3. Set the timer by turning TIME knob to the right. - Turning the button from 0 displays 15 minutes for the first operation time. - You can set the timer at the unit of 6 seconds between 0 ~ 30 minutes.
Temperature setting and roasting
1. Turn the TEMP knob right to set your desired temperature. - It can be set, by each degree, between 0~250℃ / 0~482˚F
2. Roasting starts by pressing TEMP(START) knob after setting the timer and temperature.
3. To extend the time during roasting. Turn TIME knob right to extent it.
Cooling start / stop
1. Once roasting time is elapsed, it starts cooling and stops cooling when it is safety temperature (60℃ / 140˚F) with buzzer.
2. Roasting stop - to stop roasting and start cooling regardless of remaining roasting time.
- Press TEMP(COOLING) knob during roasting. - Gene Cafe immediately starts cooling and stops its operation as soon as it is safety temperature (60℃ / 140˚F).
3. Cooling stop - To finish cooling during cooling operation - Press TEMP(STOP) knob during cooling operation - Gene Cafe stops operation after it cools it down up to the secondary safety temperature (100℃ / 212˚F).
4. Immediate stop - To stop roasting immediately - Press TEMP(STOP) knob for 2 seconds and longer during operation(roasting) - Gene Cafe immediately stops operation but for safety purpose, a cooling fan keeps operating and stops automatically when it reaches the set safety temperature.
5. Continuous Roasting - Roasting once → Immediate stop → Pressing TEMP(STOP) knob → Returning to the default setting(a cooling fan stops) - After the temperature and timer are set again, it starts operation by pressing TEMP(START) knob ※ The above function is usually designed for restaurant, so it is rarely used in home
Taking out coffee beans and finish
1. When the chamber stops at the start point upon roasting, press open button and lift it up, separating from the body.
Since the chamber may be still hot even after cooling, you should put on gloves to separate the chamber from the body
2. Open the cover of the chamber from the body and pour the roasted coffee beans on wire netting or plate to cool it down completely. (it is better to use a fan or electric fan)
3. Auto timer(power off) function Upon roasting, the buzzer sounds, and if no operation is detected for a minute while GeneCafe is not operating, the buzzer sounds again and the product is turned off. (power-saving)
Note that the power plug is not unplugged during operation. If the power is off at a hot temperature, the product may be damaged and very dangerous.
4. After taking out roasted coffee beans, clean up the chamber and place it on the chamber stand.
Roasting Guide
What is Roasting?
Raw coffee beans(green beans) smell green only and do not have any taste or flavor of coffee, but they can be stored for several years without change in quality. However, to enjoy it, they should be processed through roasting. Roasting lets out acid, bitter or sweat tastes/flavors that we recognize it as coffee by transforming ingredients of the beans at a hot temperature between 200∼250˚C(392~482˚F), which is totally called, 'Roasting' that is one of the most important processes to define the flavor and taste of coffee. Roasting conditions depend on origin of green bean, production time and species and optimized roasting may increase the quality of taste and flavor to the max. in general, coffee turns brown in the roasting process and the water content drops between 10% ~ 1%. Other ingredients are also transformed in ratio ; fat - 12%→16%, sugar - 10%→2%, chlorogenic acid - 7%→4.5% and trigonellin - 1%→0.5, but caffeine, cellulose, pectin and ash are not changed. The volume increases up to 1.5 ~ 2.0 times and weight reduces about 20%. In addition, a higher roasting level is bitterer but acid is reduced. The most common roasting level standards are the 8 levels.
The above stages depend on the voltage, green bean and other different conditions
Gene Café Coffee Roaster CBR-101 - 220V - Black
Price: ₫12,160,000 ₫12,800,000
In stock
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