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Máy rang cafe mẫu NESCO COFFEE ROASTER SAMPLE 140G USA - 110V

A catalytic converter in the exhaust system that eliminates a good deal of roast smoke. Combines warm air with a powerful agitator to create an even roast and uniform color Roasts a batch of beans in less than 20 minutes at half the cost of store-bought
Xuất Xứ / Origin Mỹ
Phân Loại / Type Máy rang mẫu/ gia đình
Price: 6,500,000
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Máy rang mẫu NESCO COFFEE ROASTER SAMPLE 140G USA - 110VNesco Coffee Roaster - USA-2216

Batch Size    5 oz (140 grams) yielding about 3.4 oz (95 grams) of roasted coffee
Control    Roast time, recall and cooling
Roast Time    18-30 minutes
Heating Source    Screw-drive agitator in glass chamber -convective/conductive
Height/Width/Depth    12" x 7" x 12"
Volts/Watts    120v / 800w
Weight    9 pounds
Pros Smoke-neutralizing catalytic converter makes it a terrific smoke free option. Nice size footprint. Good at targeting lighter city roasts

The Nesco Home Coffee Roaster uses a unique auger-driven agitator in the center of the roast chamber and operates quietly. It has  a catalytic converter in the exhaust system that eliminates a good deal of roast smoke.
Roaster creates an even roast and uniform color while controlling the roast from light to dark. It is fast and economical --- roasts a batch of beans in less than 20 minutes at half the cost of store-bought. You'll be surprised to learn how fast and easy it is to roast your own specialty coffee beans right at home.
We recommend this home roaster with a few conditions. Dark roasts take a long time and the roaster might have trouble attaining a full French roast with voltages below 110v. Also, the chaff that covers the inside of the roasting chamber makes it difficult to see inside. The chaff won't affect the flavor of your just doesn't look very nice.

Nesco Roaster Tip Sheet

Nesco Tips This tip sheet is meant to supplement the manual that comes with the Nesco Roaster. Be sure to read the manual! This is a supplemental tip sheet only. ● The Nesco has a built-in smoke suppression system - it works well and you ought not see any smoke unless you roast dark. You may want to roast under a stovetop hood or near a window but low ambient temperatures can slow the roaster. Line voltage, extension cords, or power strips can also affect the amount of heat your roaster produces, so you may need to experiment. Not letting the roaster cool to room temperature before starting will quicken a roast as well. ● Never leave the room while you are roasting coffee, even when using an automated roaster. The time between a dark roast and a fire is not as long as you think! ● Batch Size: Batch size is critical in any roast process; if the amount of coffee you put into the roaster varies, the roast will vary too. It is best to roast by weight, not volume; I find the ideal batch size for the Nesco is 4 oz by weight. The roast chamber glass now has bean fill-level marks on it for Regular roast, and for darker French roasts. These seem to work quite well. If the roast is not dark enough for you, try using less coffee. ● Settings: On the Nesco Roaster, the only variable you control is the time - and that is adjusted using the keypad, up (darker roast = more time) or down (for lighter roast = less time). The roaster produces very even light roasts, but if household voltage is low (1 1 0v or less), the roaster will take a long time to achieve a French roast, and might not make it at all. Every coffee varies slightly in how it roasts, and every roaster operates a little differently, but here are some roaster settings that work as a starting point: Roast:                      City           Full City (med-dark)            Vienna (Light French)                          French (Dark) Roaster Setting:      20                      22 - 24                                       25 – 26                                                27+ ● Built-up coffee oils in the roaster are of no real consequence until they impede visibility or become a fire hazard. (A professional drum roaster requires hours of roasting initially to properly “season” the drum.) ● We think it is best to set the roaster at the highest number and manually stop the roast by hitting the Cool button when you see, hear & smell the signs of that roast you prefer! Trust your ears and senses to get best results... The beans cool in the roaster, so the roast may coast a bit, or continue roasting into the cooling cycle. ● After the cooling cycle complete, remove the coffee from the roast chamber into a stainless colander. When the coffee is room temp, transfer it to canning jars or bags with a one-way valve. Wait a minimum of 4 to 24 hours after roasting before brewing. Coffee is best 3 to 5 days after roasting, and after 7 days starts to decline in flavor. ● No home roaster is designed to do serial batches! For the most consistency wait 20 minutes or until the machine is completely cool before doing another batch.
Price: 6,500,000
In stock
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