Máy rang cà phê Hottop KN8828BTW

User has control over time target, temperature, heating element and fan speed, automatic mode as well

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Máy rang cà phê Hottop KN8828BTW


Coffee roaster. Automatic or semi-manual operation modes. Manual control of heating element available during roast.

8-step roast profile for time, temperature, and fan speed. 9 different profiles can be saved in non-volatile memory. Individual parameters of profiles can be easyily modified. Quiet operation – hear the roast, not the roaster. Manual emergency eject for added safely. High quality stainless steel outer surface makes cleaning easy. Large capacity, heavy-duty stainless steel drum. Large viewing window provides excellent view of the beans. Extmal cooling tray with forced air for fast cooling.

-Large 225g-300g capacity.
-750 watts of roasting power.
-Two-stage air filter to lessen particulates in smoke.
-Size: 20 x 38 x 30 (cm)
-Weighs nearly 10 kg.
-Includes comprehensive owner’s manual.
-Numerous built-in safety features.
-Warranty for one year.
-Voltage:100V-120V 220V-240V.

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Trọng lượng 20 kg

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