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Phễu pha cà phê CAFEC Sanyo V60 Dripper Flower – Green

“Flower dripper” was developed for a cup of aromatic rich taste coffee. We, as the manufacturer of coffee filter paper who developed the cone-shaped filter paper at the very beginning in the world, wanted to make a coffee dripper which can enrich the taste of coffee then developed “Flower dripper” at last after many years of study.

Phân Loại / Type

Phễu lọc/ Pour-over

Xuất Xứ / Origin

Japan (Nhật)

Giao hàng trong 24-36 giờ làm việc

650,000  552,500 

còn 15 hàng

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Mô tả

Phễu pha cà phê CAFEC Sanyo V60 Flower Dripper – Green

Japan Sanyo Petal Filter Cup Single Product V60 Ceramic Drip - Green-0

“Arita ware” is the general term for the porcelain and the ceramic made in Arita area of Saga prefecture, japan.Most of Arita ware is porcelain,and its thin, light and hard taste like smooth glass attracts its lovers.Arita ware has high durability and has no absorbency,and it presents a high-quality feeling.
Porcelain is tougher and stronger than ceramic, so this Arita ware can be said to be the best as a tableware for daily use.
Arita ware is made from high-grade “Amakusa” clay and is fired in a kiln with 1300℃ high temperature then it becomes much harder like an original mineral; its strength is kept even if it is made thin as to allow light to pass through. And more, its skin is very smooth because the porcelain is made with mixed clay of the powder of the poterry stone which include much feldsper, in contrast the ceramic is made with clay only.
  1. 10g to 12g coffee grounds is for one cup. Put the coffee grounds you need in the filter paper.
  2. Pour boiled water slowly at the center like drawing a small circle then pour water again outside the center like drawing a big circle to wet all coffee grounds.
  3. Bloom the coffee grounds for 20~30secs.
  4. Pour water slowly in a spiral pattern from the center to outside for 3 to 4 times.

When a hole is left at the center of coffee grounds and the filter paper becomes like flower petals, it is a sign that you can brew good taste of coffee.

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Trọng lượng 0.3 kg
Phân Loại / Type

Phễu lọc/ Pour-over

Xuất Xứ / Origin

Japan (Nhật)

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