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  • Bình pha chân không Dhikari Syphon Gold 18k TCA-3GD Taiwan (3 ly)

  • This is a state-of-art coffee siphon with a gorgeous and luxurious look that will turn your kitchen into an upscale coffeehouse instantly.

    Phân Loại / Type

    Bình chân không Syphon

    Xuất Xứ / Origin


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Bình pha chân không Dhikari Syphon Gold 18k TCA-3GD Taiwan (3 ly)

Brand : AKIRA-Koki Taiwan

Model : Dhikari Gold 18k Syphon TCA-3GD

Material : Advanced heat-resistant glass 18K gold-plated metal olive wood handle 304 stainless steel filter

Origin : Taiwan Coffee Maker

Category: Syphon Pot

Capacity : For 2 people

Packing volume : 390mmX150mmx130mm

Accessories : Bracket + upper seat ball + cover + filter + filter cloth + bean spoon + manual + box[features] Item

No. : TCA-3GD

Style : American

Gross weight : 1.1kg

Note : This product does not contain alcohol lamp

Tips :

1./ Please wash upper bowl and lower bowl before use.

Please use the medium roast coffee for Siphon.

Please use the fresh coffee powder. (Coffee powder storage container can be sealed is appropriate.)

2./ Siphon coffee of standard amount for reference:
–10g coffee powder (upper bowl)
—120ml water or hot water (lower bowl)
—to make a cup of perfect coffee for 100ml

3./ Using pre-warmed coffee cup, you will have a cup of coffee with more delicious taste.

4./ Please keep it out of the reach of children and it is dangerous to drink alcohol for fuel. In addition , those that are specified in the pharmaceutical deleterious substance outside may be required to be printed .

Bộ pha cà phê Syphon Halogen Dhikaki Gold 18k Syphon TCA-3 Taiwan (3 ly)

Bộ pha cà phê Syphon Halogen Dhikari Gold 18k Syphon TCA-3 Taiwan (3 ly)

Kích thước (LxWxH) 20 × 20 × 40 cm

Khối lượng thùng 1.2 kg


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