Sách cà phê Coffee Roasting For The Home Roaster by James O’ Donnell

If you’re a coffee professional or just fascinated with coffee, this is a great book for you. It’s among the best writing that I’ve seen regarding coffee, and I think she does a great job of telling this story.

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Sách cà phê Coffee Roasting For The Home Roaster by James O’ Donnell

Book - Coffee Roasting For The Home Roaster

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Size: 16x 591 x 882 mm

Language : English

The Perfect Book for The New and Hopeful Home Roaster! The best cup of coffee that you’ve never had is the one from the fresh roasted beans you have yet to learn to roast. This book is a great guide to coffee roasting for beginners and veterans. It covers everything from a green bean to the darkest roast and all roasts in between. This book doesn’t only stop at the roast, it goes into detail regarding how to brew the perfect cup, multiple different brewing methods, regional profiles of beans and their origin flavors throughout the world, and everything coffee. The book is set up in an easy and cohesive format. It was written as an informative guide, a just stuff and no fluff approach! The book is packed with information to help you become the home roaster you dream about being. Although I have provided a great deal of information the one thing I cannot do for you is take action! Don’t just read this book and romanticize roasting at home and having the perfect cup. Go online, right now, and invest in some green coffee beans to roast (maybe skip ahead to regional flavor profiles so you can buy some beans that fit your preferences). You are 10 times more likely to start roasting if you finish this book with green beans in hand, and if you start roasting you are exponentially more likely to continue with the craft. It is my goal that every one of my readers gets to experience the truly fulfilling and amazing experience of drinking the perfect cup at home, the one that you brought from green bean to cup!

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