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  • Cà phê hạt đã rang illy Coffee Arabica Original Etiopia 250gr Whole Bean

  • illy Blend, Medium Roast
    Rich and balanced with notes of caramel and chocolate.

    Mức độ rang / Roasting level

    Rang vừa

    Phong cách thưởng thức / Enjoy style

    Espresso, Pour Over/Drip

    Vùng trồng địa lý / Location

    Africa & Arabia

  • 387,200  380,000 

    Giao hàng trong vòng 24-36 giờ

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    + Đặt mua
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Cà phê hạt đã rang illy Coffee Arabica Original Etiopia 250gr Whole Bean



Ethiopian beans are shade-grown in the believed birthplace of coffee. Illy’s Arabica Selection Etiopia beans highlight the best-known flavors from the region, through particular roast length and heat parameters. In the case of these delicate 100% Arabica beans, you’ll experience a fruity cup with subtle hints of jasmine.


Discover illy Arabica Selection Etiopia single origin coffee that individually highlights one of the unique flavor notes found in the legendary illy blend. Coffee grown in Ethiopia is some of the finest washed Arabica coffee in the world with delicate floral notes. This sustainably grown coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans. In Ethiopia, coffee is shade-grown and hand-picked in the forests where coffee is believed to have originated. The roast of this origin is specially calibrated to enhance the natural aromatic notes and flavor profile of the coffee.


Explore the origins of illy coffee.

We’ve perfected the roast of each single origin, or ingredient, found in our signature illy blend. The distinct roast enhances the different flavors of each Arabica: the floral notes from Ethiopia, chocolate notes from Guatemala, caramel from Brazil and fruity notes from Colombia.
Because happiness is savoring the taste right from its origins.

Coffee of the highest order, coffee that delights: this is illy’s mission, passion and obsession.  A simple idea created through complex means: eight decades of experience; unmatched knowledge of coffee biology and chemistry; unrivalled skill at roasting; the pioneering of innovative, enabling technologies; and a family’s entrepreneurial passion.

In the Cup

In the cup, a well-prepared espresso borne of exclusively high-quality Arabica is beautifully fragrant, sweet and round, with a slight and pleasant acidity, often chocolaty, with an aftertaste of caramel and just a mild hint of bitterness.
The rich, creamy layer on top, or crema, should have a light reddish brown hue, unbroken and painted with tiger-like stripes.

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